Retired Couple’s Spectacular Terrace Paradise Has Made Them ‘Gardening Gurus’

 Tamil Nadu's Dharmapuri couple Ex-Joint Director of Agriculture RR Suseela and Ex-Assistant Director N Madhubalan are developing natural products, vegetables, blossoms and little trees on their 1500 square foot rooftop garden.

To set an illustration of how natural cultivating should be possible effectively from home, a resigned couple from Tamil Nadu's Dharmapuri area has set up a smaller than usual backwoods on their housetop. Madhubalan and his better half, R Suseela, who both worked with the horticulture division, develop over a 100 plants in a 1,500 square foot territory and have prepared more than 100 families in natural cultivating in their area.

While filling in as a rural official, I had the chance to visit numerous houses and fields where ranchers do development. In any case, I saw that a couple of them could take up development close to their homes, attributable to an absence of room. This made me consider how developing on housetops may be a superior wagered, in light of the fact that numerous houses have one, and it might assist the individuals who with having land available to them," Madhubalan reveals .

In 2011, Madhubalan talked about this thought with his better half. Throughout the following not many days, the couple concocted an arrangement, remembering things to guarantee prior to deciding on a housetop garden. 

'A one-time venture'

The 62-year-old says the first and most significant advance is to waterproof the nursery to keep water from saturating homes beneath. For this, he and Suseela decided on an answer which represents development under physical or warm developments of the structure, without settling on the sturdiness and insurance. Then, they introduced a water stockpiling tank in the nursery, on the grounds that conveying a pail of water to the rooftop consistently was not doable over the long haul. At that point, they gathered seeds, compost, and develop sacks, which they purchased from dependable associations and different ranchers in their town.

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