Profitable SaaS Startup Ideas for 2024: Software Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Saas Startup business ideas 2023

 Are you ready to take on the challenge of starting a software startup in 2024? 

The SaaS industry is booming, and there are endless opportunities for entrepreneurs to create innovative solutions in a wide range of categories. But starting a SaaS business is no easy feat. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

However, if you are up for the challenge and willing to put in the effort, the rewards can be great. In this list, we will explore some of the most promising SaaS ideas for 2024.From existing categories that are ripe for disruption to new and exciting opportunities, we'll take a closer look at the trends, opportunities, and challenges of starting a software startup in 2024.

So, whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this article will provide valuable insights and inspiration for your next SaaS venture.

Best SaaS ideas for Startup

Discover the top 4 SaaS ideas poised for disruption in 2024 and beyond - don't miss out on your chance to succeed in the SaaS industry!

1. CRMs

Software Startup Ideas in 2023 | SaaS ideas: CRMs

CRMs today are incredibly ready for disruption because all the existing large CRM players are continuously trying to go upmarket. Salesforce who started as CRMs, and is the granddaddy of CRMs, isn't really a CRM company anymore.

They don't even specialize anymore. They don't even think about how to transform CRMs anymore. They're thinking about the 50 million other products that they've acquired that they're now trying to sell.

On top of that, if you think about HubSpot, which got into CRMs, which now is super focused on CRMs, their CRM is actually not that great. I mean, I use it, I recommend it, it's one of the best out there, but it's not that great when it comes to a CRM.

Then you've got Pipedrive, which is now owned by Vista Private Equity, which means that not a lot of product innovation is probably going to happen.


Are you ready to disrupt the SaaS industry and come up with the next big thing? Look no further than the CRM category. With a sales-driven model, a CRM startup has the potential to take the top spot by reimagining the way customer relationships are managed and creating a seamless user experience.

The time is ripe for innovation in this field, as the current offerings in the market are widely acknowledged to have room for improvement. Take the opportunity to revolutionize the CRM industry and secure your success.

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From CRM disruption to revolutionary innovation, these cutting-edge SaaS ideas are sure to shake up the industry and provide new opportunities for entrepreneurs to dominate the market. With a focus on R&D and a drive to out-innovate the competition, these SaaS ideas are the key to success in the ever-evolving world of software startups.

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2. Marketing Automation

Software Startup Ideas in 2023 | SaaS ideas: Marketing Automation
The second category that I think is completely ripe for disruption is marketing automation. I worked on Marketo. They did a two-year transformation. They sold it to Adobe for $4.75 billion. I know marketing automation relatively well.

And when it comes to marketing automation, the top dogs were Eloqua, Marketo, and HubSpotEloqua got bought by Oracle, and then we never heard from them ever again, which is why Marketo transformation worked really well because Marketo then went into the enterprise and started to do really well. Now that Marketo's acquired by Adobe, who knows what they're doing?

Like, I honestly don't know I haven't kept up. And HubSpot recently said, you know what?

Even though they started with marketing automation, they're not just marketing software anymore, they're now a CRM software.

They're trying to be more of a CDP, a Customer Database Platform, and they're trying to go upmarket, which all that means is that marketing automation is ripe for disruption because the biggest players in there are just off, kind of at the beach doing their thing.

This means that if you were to start a brand new marketing automation company today, you could actually disrupt that market. You could come up with a brand new way of doing marketing automation. Reimagining how you capture leads and nurture people. Reimagining how B2B marketing should work.

Marketing automation is my second most favorite category that you can go and disrupt today and probably get away with it because everyone understands what marketing automation is and no one loves the current platforms that are out there because they haven't innovated.

They really have not innovated.

Oh, before I go into number three, let me just pause here for a second. Are you starting to see the power in this?

-On one hand, you can try to go create a new category, go educate that market, convince people they need it, convince Forrester and Gartner that there should be a quadrant around it.

Convince investors that there's a real promise here. And then maybe get some success. And once you figure all that out, others can come in and you can have arrows on your back. Or you can go after some of these categories that have already gone through a cycle.

They were winners, they're clear budget, established, it's obviously needed, they got an exit.

Software Startup Ideas in 2021 | SaaSMarketing Automation

Now they're off, fat, happy on the beach, and now you can go create a new version of these in a whole new way.

Are you starting to see the differences? If you're starting to see the difference, can I just get a yes in the comments below? Let's go to category number three.

3. Help desk software

Help desk software

The third category, ripe for disruption, seriously, seriously ripe for disruption is support, ticketing, and help desk systems. So one of the big players in this is Zendesk.

Zendesk is public. It's an amazing platform. There's a long tail of players.

In addition to that, Intercom is kind of playing there.Salesforce, they used to have a help desk platform. They still do, and it's massive and kind of boring. But here's the thing. No one gets excited about help desk software, but help desk software is super important in order for our business to be successful.

Customer experience is more important than ever. There's more channels through which customers want to talk to you than ever before. There is chat, there's Messenger, there's WhatsApp, there's phone, there's so many touch points.

Help desk software saas

There's the website.

So reimagining the help desk experience, reimagining how support tickets should work, how email tickets should work, how support teams can better support customers, it's an incredible opportunity. It's a well-defined category.

There's no companies innovating anymore in it. It's just kind of status quo for them, fat and happy on the beach, which means that if you come in and you say, "We're gonna build a 10 times better help desk experience," you could be massively successful.

And there are lots of investors that would wanna go after that piece of the pie. So category number three, support, ticketing, help desk systems, super awesome. Now I have a fourth one.

4. Applicant tracking systems

Applicant tracking systems

So the fourth one, this is one that I also like that I think is like a little bit under the radar but I think it's gonna be ripe for disruption very, very soon, both in the enterprise and in the mid-market.

It's applicant tracking systems. Now applicant tracking systems are boring.

No one thinks about it, but we're entering this new era of remote work where everyone can work everywhere and talent is being unlocked in a way like never before. This means that companies have to rise up to the challenge of sourcing talent wherever they can find it globally.

And this means that they're gonna need a whole new way of tracking all these applications, all these candidates, marketing to those people, attracting that talent, and actually closing those deals with them and getting them to work for the company.

This will require a whole new way of thinking about HR systems and applicant tracking systems, which means that they're ripe for disruption as well. Now the big players in applicant tracking systems, you've got iCIMS on the enterprise side, you've got Greenhouse and Lever on the mid-market side, and there's a long tail in the small business side.

All of them are cycling in one way, shape, or form, either private equity-owned or they are much larger, so they're not innovating as much and they're trying to think about how to just go after that market. So that means they're ripe for disruption, which means applicant tracking systems are a huge way that you can go disrupt this market if you reimagine how you can go after this.

Now these are my four, hot categories, four, hot SaaS ideas that you can go after today.

Existing categories, well-defined, with the budget that you can disrupt with better innovative experiences.

Now what does that look like? Well, that's up to you. How do you actually craft a better SaaS experience to actually say. You go into marketing automation and say, Here's a whole new way of generating demand. Or you go into your help desks and say, "Help desks are horrible experiences."

No one wants to be a number and a support ticket. We're gonna have a whole new way of engaging this. Or you go into applicant tracking systems.


What are some profitable SaaS startup ideas in 2024?

  • CRMs, Digital Automation, Help Desk Software, and Applicant Tracking Systems are all promising SaaS categories to focus on in 2024.

Why are these SaaS categories considered profitable?

  • These categories are currently dominated by established players, who may not be investing in R&D or providing a great user experience. This creates an opportunity for new startups to disrupt the market and provide a better solution.

How can I ensure my SaaS startup is successful?

  • The key to success is to provide a better experience and address the pain points of current solutions. Understand your target market and create a product that solves their problems in a unique and compelling way.

Do I need to have a lot of capital to start a SaaS business?

  • Starting a SaaS business typically requires less initial capital than other types of businesses, as the software can be developed and maintained relatively cheaply. However, you'll still need funding for sales, marketing, and other expenses.

How can I get funding for my SaaS startup?

  • There are several ways to get funding for your SaaS startup, including angel investors, venture capital firms, crowdfunding, and business loans. It's important to have a solid business plan and demonstrate traction in your chosen SaaS category to attract investors.


Starting a SaaS business in 2024 is a great opportunity to disrupt existing categories and create a profitable startup. The CRM, Digital Automation, Help Desk Software, and Applicant Tracking Systems are just a few examples of the many profitable SaaS ideas out there. These industries are in need of innovation and with the right approach, a startup in any of these categories can make a big impact.

As an entrepreneur, it's important to stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the SaaS industry to identify new opportunities and create a successful business. With the right idea and execution, a SaaS startup can be a profitable venture in 2024 and beyond.