Simple SaaS Ideas For Entrepreneurs

Simple SaaS Ideas For Entrepreneurs

 Now-a-days, various kinds of compаnies are moving to the cloud, and the craze of SaaS products isn't going away any time soon. Grateful to their scalability and availability, the SaaS industry will be worth $143.7 billion by 2022 according to Gartner research.

Surely, this shift has been forced by the worldwide pandemic, directing companies to task remotely, which means the software as a service solution is now in top demand.

We prepared a list of simple SaaS ideas with a good plan that will help you to start your work without any interruption.

Simple SaaS Ideas for Startups

1. Marketing Automation Software

In this current technological era, every company wants to be ahead of others. To do so, online marketing is the most efficient technique. A tool like that can automatically analyze the statistics and make marketing strategies is the need for every organization.

Most organizations do not thoroughly integrate marketing campaigns with sales. This has a negative impact on investments.

While developing your SaaS ideas of startup to software, consult experts of both departments. It will help to get better integration in both processes.

Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation is a highly profitable SaaS idea. There are over 250 tools available online on ideas for this SaaS.

2. CRM Software for Freelancers

CRM is one of the SaaS ideas that are most profitable in today’s time. The online market is ever-expanding, and maintaining the needs of the customer is becoming challenging. By automating the process, results will become better.

Freelancers need to maintain everything from marketing to execution by themselves. Handling so much information is a big problem.

CRM Software for Freelancers

As per the research of best CRM softwares, the biggest competitors are Google spreadsheets and Zoho CRM. The other softwares working on this software startup business idea have widened the market. Therefore, more investors are interested in these startups.

3. Video Rendering Software

One of the best SaaS business ideas right now is developing your own video rendering service. From designers to video editors, everyone struggles to render out their files with perfection. Developing software for them is one of the great SaaS startup ideas.

Creating a product of this SaaS idea will save them time by making it online. Pre default render settings can be added to get suitable results.

Video Rendering Software

The market for such profitable SaaS ideas is still developing. Apart from having over 100 efficient softwares in the field, the competition is relatively average. Some of the best softwares are 3DS Max, V Ray, and Blender.

There are over five hundred Google searches for ‘online rendering software’ in a week. This implies that entrepreneurs and startup founders are searching for more saas business ideas to enter the market.

4. KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Tracker

The need for KPI SaaS product ideas is immense as it can highly impact the performance of an organization. Automated software will be a great help in increasing the organization’s productivity.

The idea of building this SaaS is to integrate all these tools into one app for the users.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Tracker

KPI is one of the most essential characteristics for the company’s growth. Having an automated KPI can hugely enhance productivity. Hence the competition in the field for making better softwares is large. This leads to generation of multiple profitable Saas ideas. Some good competitors like SiSense, Cyfe, and Grow are the best among 300 plus KPI tracker softwares available online.

5. Telehealth software platform

Telehealth SaaS ideas are trending these days due to their high demand. This profitable idea for SaaS involves getting medical services over the phone using the software. MDLive, PlushCare, and LiveHealth are best telehealth apps generated based upon these SaaS product ideas.

The biggest challenge in implementing SaaS startup ideas like these is making them compliant with government medical authorities.

Telehealth software platform

With growing medical needs in the world, the competition in this niche is significantly rising.bThis is an opportunity for low scale companies to implement their saas startup ideas. Currently, there are close to 100 telemedicine software working on the SaaS idea.

Demand for making telemedicine software from such profitable SaaS ideas is ever-expanding. The size of the global telemedicine market has reached $41.4 billion in 2019. Hence, identifying new ideas for your own Saas product is profitable at this stage.

This is because the same study forecasts a CAGR growth of 15% in this niche.

6. Team Communication Software

One of the most demanded software in modern-day organizations is a single platform for team communications. You can create the software against team communication SaaS business ideas that consist of chatting and collaboration options for the team.

Team collaboration softwares has created a huge market for themselves, considering their practical usage. Many new saas startup ideas are being generated for this market. There are several good competitors like Slack, Sales Squared, and RingCentral. You need to make your team communication software feature rich to sustain the competition market.

There is a high demand for products with such SaaS ideas. The profits by operationalizing these profitable SaaS ideas are higher and developing.

7. One-Click Credit Platform

With the growth of internet businesses, the need for safe and secure payment platforms have also risen. One-click credit portals are wonderful SaaS ideas that can make your business boom in a short time. They offer an account for every user in which the ledger keeps maintained. The user can pay the amount at the end of the month for his purchases.

The competition is relatively low in this niche. These SaaS product ideas have not been implemented by many organizations. Some of the best apps in the one-click Credit category are Anytime Pay, Simpl, Skrill, and LazyPay.

Such platforms have high usability, and the requirement is sufficiently high. The market has a huge demand for such profitable SaaS ideas. A marketsandmarkets report certifies its ever-increasing demand and the benefits of operating a startup with similar SaaS ideas.

8. Social Media Posts Scheduler Software

The reach of social media is enormous in today’s time. People have made good earnings through them. An automatic post scheduler is a fantastic SaaS idea that can be highly profitable for you. In case you need to manage multiple accounts, leading proxy providers offer the solution as well.

The idea behind this SaaS business is fairly new and has low competition. Still, there are over 200 software for social media management that you may need to consider.

As people aren’t aware of this concept, the demand is average. However, once the market is established, the demand will enhance dramatically. So it is a wise step to work on SaaS product ideas in this field. The growth of other social media management tools is high but they differ a bit from this SaaS idea concept.

9. Health Check Application

A health check business app is amongst the best economical SaaS business ideas. It involves notifying the users about their scheduled appointments with the doctor. Also, it can feature automated suggestions for patients considering their health records. Check out some of the HIPAA compliant apps that are based on similar SaaS product ideas.

There are a few apps that are based on these SaaS ideas. However, the idea is not completely the same and differs. It is estimated that the competitive market for telehealth softwares is expected to grow up to $55.61 billion by 2025.

The demand for health apps is always high, as health is a priority for everyone. Developing SaaS business ideas in the telehealth niche is a smart decision to take.

10. Blockchain Invoicing System

Blockchain systems are the latest trends that will soon be a part of every organization. Thanks to their fast and secure systems. A blockchain-based invoicing SaaS startup ideas have never been executed until now. This can be a game-changer for your business.

Right now, there is no big competition in this niche. Companies are still making blockchain technology more efficient. But the competitive landscape of this industry surely looks quite progressive. The SaaS ideas built in this category will surely be profitable in the upcoming years. Apps like Factor, Azure, and BlockCypher have been made using blockchain technology, not necessarily in the same niche.

The demand will extensively grow once such a system becomes a reality. As evidence to the above fact, you can also check out the blockchain market growth estimates report. It estimates the growth of the blockchain market to $39.7 billion by 2025.

11. Auto Parking Service

Finding a parking spot, especially in busy hours, can be a frustrating process. One of the profitable SaaS ideas is to make an app that will guide you with an easy parking process.

The market for such SaaS ideas have already been developed. However, the low competition in the field provides an opportunity to lead the market. There are over 70 auto parking Softwares like OnCall Parking Manager, Partbot, and Parkit that are currently working.

The demand remains significantly high for such apps and saas ideas regardless of multiple available platforms. Parkit, an app based on the idea of a similar SaaS startup, has a revenue of $55,000 per month. The organization has grown by more than 100% in the last two years.

12. Technology Skills Platform

One of the biggest profitable SaaS ideas you can implement is developing an app that enhances the technical skills for job seekers. Organizations consistently need people that have good skills, and your app can fulfill that.

There are a few apps that work on these SaaS product ideas. However, the competition in core technical education is still less with only a handful of businesses leveraging from this business idea.

The demand for technology SaaS ideas stay extremely high as it is a good source of learning for people.

Sololearn, a 2013 startup company built from a similar SaaS idea has grown by 80% in the last few years. They have a per month revenue of $555,000. Currently, they are investing $2 million to make their platform more diversified.

13. Appointment Management Software

Meetings are a crucial aspect of any business. It can be hard to manage the timings for meetings for an established business. So an automated software that can manage meeting timings and follow up on requirements is a great idea for Saas business.

The ease that these softwares provides to the customer makes the competition strong in this field. There are over 300 profitable startups working on this idea. Some of the best apps like Appointlet, Gigabook, ScheduleOnce, and Setmore are well established in the market.

The demand for such SaaS business ideas that have multiple functionalities in appointment management is fairly high. Calendly is a popular appointment management cloud software. It has a revenue of over $2.5 million a month. The success graph of the company is upwardly uniform from the past 3 years. No new investments have been made by the company.

14. Content Planning

Content is the king in the game of digital marketing. Every successful business is relying on it. Keeping track of content and regularly updating it is a significant part of the game. Content planning software can be one of the highly successful SaaS startup ideas.

The competition in the content world is ever growing due to its high usage by all the businesses. Many entrepreneurs are working on their SaaS product ideas to develop a highly efficient product for the industries. The content management and planning system and its ways can highly impact the business growth.

15. Cloud ERP System

Developing a single platform-based software for HR, finance, and planning departments is amongst trending profitable Saas ideas. It will help to efficiently handle the accounting tasks with an analytical perspective and better functionality.

The market and the competition is wide for this SaaS product idea. ERP systems have brought down the highly reduced workload of people. Over four hundred high end softwares works successfully in the market.

There are over 5000 searches for ‘Cloud ERP apps’ on Google for this SaaS idea. In monetary terms, the entire industry is set to generate $37.7 billion by the year 2024. So, you can get a share of this profit, if you implement the right idea at the right time.

16. Accounting

This is one of the most common yet profitable SaaS ideas that have the potential to derive plenty of business. It can have a target audience from a personal level to small enterprises. It can be used for managing your personal, business, and banking accounts with tax calculations to make them easier. It is a good business idea for developing a new SaaS.

The competition of such SaaS product ideas is large. The current estimation for the accounting software market competition suggests the industry to reach $20,500 million by 2026. A total of over three hundred online apps working under these saas ideas. The top competitors in the game are Xero, Quickbooks, etc.

The Asia-Pacific market leads in adapting to such SaaS ideas. Apart from this, we can also observe a high demand for accounting saas ideas across the globe.

17. Pre Payment Auditing with AI

This is one of the SaaS startup ideas that is ideal for small and large enterprises. It involves the extraction of information on parameters like currency amounts, terms, rates, and other data from all your clients. It will validate the records and then further pass on to the payment process.

The competition in this arena is highly evolving. Some of the best software services working on this saas startup ideas are Hubdoc, Appzen, AuditFile, and others.

As per the latest Technavio report, the global demand for auditing software is on the high. Between 2019 and 2024, this market is said to generate $543.5 million. So it will be a great time to build your product on this SaaS idea. If added with features like cognitive technology, these SaaS platforms can bring disruption in the market and observe an unprecedented growth.

18. Automatic Information Capturing

Auto capturing the required information with graphics from particular websites can save the work of a designer. Amongst many profitable SaaS ideas, if this idea becomes a reality, then it can start a market itself with you being the leaders.

Amongst many SaaS product ideas, this idea has not been implemented as such. Klart is a software which is a little similar to this idea. The market competition of the auto data capture softwares is still evolving. Several  SaaS startup ideas are being validated for developing new products.

Even though this is a new concept, adding it to the existing graphics software will bring in more growth and revenue. In 2019, the same industry generated $32.68 billion in revenue. With the inclusion of an auto capturing SaaS, this revenue can increase manifold.

19. Detailed Pricing Plans

There are thousands of services that we can buy over the internet. However, finding all information on the pricing for different services is complex. SaaS business ideas that can make software to elaborate on the pricing plans of different services is a need for consumers.

According to G2, there are about twenty competitors in the pricing software market. The top competition softwares are Dell Boomi, Jitterbit, and SnapLogic that are working on similar saas product ideas.

The demand for efficient and accurate software is high in the market. According to marketwatch reports, a significant rise in the pricing software market is yet to happen. Most probably the years between 2020 – 2025 are crucial for the growth of this industry.

20. Capital Management

Amongst many good SaaS ideas, the idea of starting the software for capital management still stays significant. It can eliminate the frustration of maintaining employee records. Also, it will be helpful in managing the payroll system with all its complexities.

The competition in this niche is sufficiently high. As the product is for use of already developed markets, therefore the competition and demand both are high. Paycom is the biggest competitor in the market. The market currently has over 250 softwares working in this niche. However, efficient software with good functionality has a good chance to enter the market effortlessly.

The demand for such SaaS business ideas and software is extremely high in the market. A globe newswire report states that by 2024, the Human capital management software industry will reach $26.5 billion. Since it is a major problem solver for the companies, implementing such a SaaS idea is good for business.

21. Content planning

Content has become the main asset of marketing strategy. However, due to the fact that content planning requires time and thoughtfulness, companies need particular instruments to boost and facilitate this process. Content planning software includes multiple solutions that assist with planning, creation, execution, and analysis of the content. By using specific tools, the content research, optimization, and distribution processes become a piece of cake.

22. Video creation and editing

Another great software as a service startup idea is building your own video creation and editing service. Both designers and video editors who begin their journey in video rendering will take the advantage of this software.

23. E-invoicing

E-invoicing lifts up the burden of paper invoicing that takes a lot of time and effort by helping to generate electronic invoices automatically. According to statistics, the value of the global e-invoicing market is projected to be 20.5 billion dollars, by 2025.

24. Property management platform

The real estate business has lots of issues to be considered. So the development of a worthy property management SaaS platform might be a great idea. You can develop a multi-featured platform, which will be focused on building lease documents, collecting rent, managing a portfolio, user administration, etc.

25. High-quality CRM tool

Customer relationship management software is a popular tool modern companies can’t do without. Its key mission is to unite different departments of the same company in one system and boost the performance. Such web tools help organize your notes, metrics, and other activities in one system.

There are lots of options, but it is challenging to find the right one. You can analyze the existing tools, weigh their pros and cons, and develop your own product.

26. Sales tracking app

Sales tracking is a compulsory task for any company that deals with sales on an ongoing basis. It is quite cumbersome to do this manually. If you are an expert in this area, you can develop a sales tracking app. It will help users automate a variety of processes and sales tasks.

Also, it will be great if your app can offer a set of reporting options. It is tough to find a sales tracking app that will perfectly meet the needs of a sales team. To create the best tool, you can analyze the market, compare the best apps, and offer your own, perfect solution!

27. Social Media Analytics

It is safe to say that modern marketing is impossible without social networking sites. LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook are superb advertising tools that allow business owners to reach their customers faster. However, they need to monitor the content in order to understand what posts perform well. So, you can create a service that will help gather all these insights and show the statistics over all platforms.

28. Payment gateway

When analyzing all SaaS product ideas, we couldn’t omit this one. This business niche is at the pinnacle of success today. It is not overloaded with solutions. If you are an expert in this field, you can develop a universal payment system which can support a variety of payment methods (credit/debit cards, bank transfers, mobile carrier billings, etc.) If your new project can help vendors solve a number of financial issues, it will become profitable.

29. Artificial Intelligence-based Services

Incorporating artificial intelligence with SaaS has become very popular and has formed into a separate established industry better known as Machine Learning as a Service.

There are many examples of incorporating SaaS into machine learning services such as Azure, IBM Watson, and Google Cloud. All these platforms use Ai to process a large amount of data and then they mimic the human behavior trying to bring forward personalized offers.

Machine Learning as a Service can be integrated into chatbots, service tools, marketing platforms, and many more to provide organizations with broader solutions.

30. SaaS training courses

Business owners understand that their employees need to be aware of the latest trends. If you are a professional in the cloud computing area, you can develop your platform that can be used to train employees. The SaaS area is too broad. So you can narrow down the topic and create your own courses for employees. To sell such courses, you can contact different organizations working in this sphere and offer your services.

SaaS Startup Business Plan

1. Develop a solution for a problem

  • First, find a niche of your product and make it a solution for a particular problem.
  • For instance, there are plenty of social media management systems that work with 4 or even 5 social media platforms, but your task is to create an advanced platform that covers everything a manager would need to work with one platform, for instance, Tick Tock.

2. Market research

  • To find a solution to a problem you should conduct an industry overview, target market research, and competitor analysis. Remember: not everyone is your customer.

3. Validate

  • Before you make further steps, spend some time to figure out if your SaaS idea has real potential to become a successful company. You can validate your idea by having conversations with potential customers face-to-face, via phone, or email. Try to determine whether they are just curious or real prospects willing to buy your product right away.

4. Choose the pricing model

What are suitable pricing strategies for SaaS startups?

  • Free with built-in ads
  • What is free always attracts new customers. By monetizing your app with built-in commercials, you will quickly get revenue. However, you should avoid the overuse of built-in ads as it’s considered to be harmful to the user experience.
  • Flat-rate pricing
  • Here you offer one package of tools at a monthly or annual charge. You can also include a free trial period.

5. Build the brand for your SaaS startup and develop a marketing strategy

  • Building a brand means a lot because today people not only buy a product, but also a status and a feeling. If using your product will make them feel good about their self-esteem they will become your customers forever.

6. Get the required financing

  • Financing is crucial for a startup. If your idea is really profitable you have chances to involve angel investors in your venture.

7. Select the development team and approach

  • One of the best ways for a startup to develop its software is outsourcing. Reaching out to an experienced offshore vendor is an awesome way to develop an efficient product within a short amount of time and for a reasonable price.

8. Launch an MVP first

  • A minimum viable product, or MVP, is a solution with enough features to attract early-adopters and validate a product idea early. Creating an MVP can help you to get feedback from users as quickly as possible to make product improvements.


SaaS is very beneficial for both service providers and end-users. They are capable of making a small tool for lower budgets and also can market it to the required audience.

There is practically no need for huge budgets and global investments while starting a SaaS startup idea. Having as low as 50 dedicated users can bring good profit to developers.

These software programs are very efficient as they are low priced and are very scalable. Above mentioned are some of the top 30 SaaS startup ideas that can be implemented by developers and organizations to make business function smoothly in the year 2021 and beyond.