Startup Story of Beforv - Media Promotions and Brand Consultancy Startup

Startup Story of Beforv - Media Promotions and Brand Consultancy Startup

 According to the global statistics there are more than 78 million active social media users in India. which is 31.2% increase from previous year. In the era of this extremely growing social media platform. People are becoming influencers and pages are slowly becoming mainstream media for everyone. 

Beforv is one of the most popular pages among them, this social media page is a success on its own. Beforv is a media promotions, branding, and brand consultancy startup that has over 507k followers on instagram.

Startup Story of Beforv

About Beforv

Startup Name Beforv
HeadquarterNew Delhi
Founders Gaurav Mohite(CEO), Aarnav Kalra(COO)
Sector Social Media, Media Promotions
Founded 2019
Investors Bootstrapped

Beforv is an online media startup that works on media promotions, branding and brand consultancy. Since 2019, Beforv has generated more than 3,500 pieces of content and posted everyday to reach where they are now.

They create content mainly on "Before And After" videos of Film making and Photography, VFX Breakdown and Behind the Scenes.

Beforv has gained 500k+ Instagram followers in just two years. Best part about this is that they provide opportunities to young people who have creative minds by giving them a proper platform for their work and giving them some great work opportunities.

Beforv - Founders and Team

Gaurav Mohite is the CEO of  Beforv

He is a College drop-out who held a big chance by giving up all else for his collaborative effort and idea towards Beforv. It is uncommon for everyone to hear of a 20-year-old young boy trying to leave his impression on a vast global platform despite failing several times.

Gaurav Mohite is the CEO of  Beforv
Gaurav Mohite (CEO of  Beforv)
Meet Gaurav, who co-founded a well-established and booming start-up with his companion. It is Gaurav’s ethics in the company and the company’s groundwork that could make it what it is at the present day.

Aarnav Kalra is the COO of  Beforv

Aarnav Kalra, COO of Beforv, was at crossroads after completing a degree in BSc. He pursued Hospitality and Hotel Administration. The thought of working towards someone else’s dream was not something an aspirant like Aarnav had envisioned for himself.

Aarnav Kalra is the CEO of  Beforv
Aarnav Kalra is the COO of  Beforv

The sheer determination and will to make something worthwhile of himself kept Aarnav hustling and exploring more and more ideas for a startup.

How was Beforv Started?

This is a story of a start-up that prospered day by day. Beforv was started by a 20-year-old college drop-out and a 24-year-old with an ambiguity of purpose. The duo established it in July 2019 as a start-up company for Branding, Brand consultation and Media promotion.

Their first step was to make a viewpoint on Instagram, which was accompanied by the Before and After edits. In addition, there were videos that showed behind-the-scenes cinematography and visual effects.

As time took off, their endurance and perseverance towards making this pioneering idea thrived. The duo observed a 1468% growth in their profits. It is wary of saying that these two young men seized the opportunity and made this small start-up prosper.

They worked harder to turn this opportunity into something so considerable that they now have 350+ global clients.

Beforv - Name and Logo

Beforv has a brand presence as @beforv on Instagram. "Before And After" of Filmmaking, VFX and others is the root content for Beforv.

Beforv's Logo
Beforv's Logo

Beforv - Business Model and How it works

Beforv's business model is similar to any other social media page and their source of income mainly generated from:

  • Promotions
  • Features
  • Editing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Branding
  • Brand Consultancy
You can promote your product, service, brand or even your content through Beforv.

Beforv - User Acquisition

Beforv has a global audience and only 20% followers are from India. Their major audience base is from countries like the United States, United kingdom and other western countries.

Their target audience are people who are into Photography, Filmmaking and VFX kind of things. They are able to get half a million followers who are their target audience. this is one of the key factors behind their success.

Beforv - Startup Challenges

Co-founders of Beforv have faced many challenges in early days. Beforv is not their first shot and hit the success, but they struggled in a few other pages. They understood their mistakes and learned from them before starting Beforv. 

How Beforv is different from other Online Media Startups?

You have most probably seen a motivational page or a memes page from India. But there are very few Pages like this who create out of the box and still stand strong. The way Beforv and team puts their efforts towards their startup is enormous and inspiring for many Indians who want to start something out of the world.

Beforv - Growth

In these years, beforv has left an unremarkable impression on many followers. They helped learn their audience more about Filmmaking, photography, videography, VFX and many other engaging content.

They achieved a milestone of 500k+ followers with a marvelous reach of 66 million+ on Instagram. Previous month Beforv has generated 126 million+ impressions on their content which shows how perfect and engaging content beforv creates and shares to their audience.

Currently Beforv has 370 clients worldwide and these numbers are growing rapidly. Their revenue has increased about 1468% from the past and this is due to the team’s hard work and dedication towards their work to satisfy people's needs and help other brands grow through their page.