Startup Story of Beforv - Media Promotions and Brand Consultancy Startup

Startup Story of Beforv - Media Promotions and Brand Consultancy Startup

 In the realm of rapidly expanding social media platforms, India has witnessed a remarkable surge with over 78 million active users, reflecting a significant 31.2% increase from the previous year. In this era of exponential growth, individuals are evolving into influencers, and pages are progressively transforming into mainstream media outlets.

Among these, Beforv stands out as one of the most popular pages. This social media powerhouse is a success story in itself, boasting over 600K followers on Instagram. Beforv is not just a page; it's a dynamic startup specializing in media promotions, branding, and brand consultancy.

Startup Story of Beforv

About Beforv

Startup Name Beforv
HeadquarterNew Delhi
Team Aarnav Kalra (CEO/Founder), Ananya Kalra (CCO) 
Sector Social Media, Media Promotions
Founded 2019
Investors Bootstrapped

 Established in 2019, Beforv is an innovative online media startup dedicated to media promotions, branding, and brand consultancy. Over the years, Beforv has crafted and curated a staggering 6,500 pieces of content, consistently sharing daily to achieve the prominent position it holds today.

They create content mainly on "Before And After" videos of Film making and Photography, VFX Breakdown and Behind the Scenes.

In a span of just four years, Beforv has amassed a following of over 600K on Instagram. What sets them apart is their commitment to nurturing creative minds among the youth. Beforv offers a valuable platform for young talents, providing both visibility for their work and exciting job opportunities.

Beforv - Team

Aarnav Kalra is the CEO & the Founder of Beforv

The visionary founder of Beforv, is the driving force behind its remarkable success. Aarnav's resilience in the face of challenges has been instrumental in shaping Beforv into what it is today.

Aarnav Kalra is the CEO of  Beforv
Aarnav Kalra is the Founder of Beforv

Ananya Kalra is the CCO of Beforv

Ananya Kalra, serving as the chief content officer at Beforv, is an invaluable asset to the team. Her multifaceted role encompasses not only overseeing the marketing strategies but also being the driving force behind the content curation efforts.

Ananya Kalra is the COO of  Beforv
Ananya Kalra is the CCO of Beforv

How was Beforv Started?

This is the story of a startup that thrived over time. Beforv was initiated by Aarnav back in July 2019 when he was just 22 years old. Aarnav, with a clear vision and determination, founded Beforv. The startup specializes in Branding, Brand Consultation, and Media Promotion.

Their first step was to make a viewpoint on Instagram, which was accompanied by the Before and After edits. In addition, there were videos that showed behind-the-scenes cinematography and visual effects.

As time unfolded, their resilience and dedication to nurturing this groundbreaking idea bore fruit. Beforv witnessed a remarkable 1468% growth in profits. It's noteworthy that Aarnav seized the opportunity and steered this modest startup toward prosperity.

Their unwavering efforts transformed this opportunity into a substantial achievement, with Beforv now boasting 650+ global clients and collaborating with over 50 renowned brands, including Nikon, Fujifilm, Insta360, and more.

Beforv - Name and Logo

Beforv has a brand presence as @beforv on Instagram. "Before And After" of Filmmaking, VFX and others is the root content for Beforv.

Beforv's Logo
Beforv's Logo

Beforv - Business Model and How it works

Beforv's business model is similar to any other social media page and their source of income mainly generated from:

  • Promotions
  • Features
  • Editing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Branding
  • Brand Consultancy
You can promote your product, service, brand or even your content through Beforv.

Beforv - User Acquisition

Beforv has garnered a global audience, with a substantial 67% originating from the USA. Their target demographic consists of individuals interested in Photography, Filmmaking, and VFX. 

The acquisition of over 600K followers within this target audience stands as a crucial factor propelling their success.

Beforv - Startup Challenges

Beforv encountered numerous challenges during its early days. It wasn't their initial venture to achieve success; they faced struggles with a few other pages. Recognizing their mistakes, they garnered valuable lessons that paved the way for the inception of Beforv.

Beforv - Growth

Over the years, Beforv has left an indelible mark on numerous followers, enlightening them about the realms of Filmmaking, Photography, Videography, VFX, and various captivating content. Achieving a milestone of over 600K followers, they boast a remarkable reach of 66 million+ on Instagram. 

In the past month alone, Beforv generated an impressive 126 million+ impressions on their content, underscoring the quality and engagement of the content they craft and share with their audience.

Presently, Beforv boasts a clientele of 650 worldwide, and this figure is steadily surging. The revenue has seen a remarkable spike of 1468% compared to the past, a testament to the team's unwavering commitment and hard work. This surge is not only a result of satisfying people's needs but also aiding other brands in their growth journey through the platform. Additionally, collaborating with over 50 brands has played a pivotal role in this upward trajectory.