21 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Bangalore in 2024 | Best Startup Ideas with Low Investment

21 Most Profitable Business Startup Ideas In Bangalore in 2022
Bangalore is one of the most fast paced cities in India, and many people are always looking for a job or trying to start their own startup or business. Bangalore, of course, has tremendous business opportunities. This blog presents 21 most profitable business ideas that residents of Bangalore should consider.

Starting a business or startup in Bangalore and sustaining it would require a lot of passion, dedication, and an idea to begin with.

Now, let’s discuss some of the most profitable business ideas in Bangalore.

List of Best Business Startup Ideas in Bangalore (2022 Updated):

1. Food Restaurant in Bangalore

  • Most people in Bangalore love good healthy food. There is also a growing demand for organic food and good healthy food as many couples work. You can seriously think of starting a food shop and delivering food items doorstep to offices and households.
  • Furthermore, if you have land for farming, you can try organic farming and sell the product to customers.
  • You can start a food business with a minimal or low investment of INR 50,000. There are various food businesses, like catering businesses, snacks shops, restaurant businesses, food trucks, small food businesses, etc. You can select the type of food business as per your preferences.

2. Open an Organic Food Products Shop

  • A considerable part of the citizens of the city is health-conscious. As a result, the demand for organic products is more compared to most cities in India. If you have the necessary investment and good retail space, consider opening an organic food retail shop.
  • You are taking a very wise step if you are choosing to start your Organic food store. The demand for organic food is increasing. Everyone wants to live a healthy life. People are ready to spend more on healthy and natural food and green vegetables.
  • An increasing number of organic farming and grocery chains selling organic store food products are coming up almost everywhere. Indian organic food market has a good future and is expected to grow around 25% in 3 years. Hence there is a good scope for organic farming business.

3. Food Delivery Business in Bangalore

  • There are thousands of small and big offices in the city of Bangalore. Moreover, most citizens love to order food online. Therefore, quite naturally the business of food delivery is lucrative here. If you have a network of some energetic young people, think of starting a food delivery business here.
  • Downloading the app from play or App store, register into the app. Selecting the menu to place food delivered to your doorstep. Most of the young IT professional and other office goers found this method too easy to place a food order online which save them huge time.
  • Online food delivery websites and mobile applications much popular in Indian cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai.

4. Start a Small Manufacturing Business

  • The city of Bengaluru provides an immediate market for manufactured goods. Therefore, starting a small-scale manufacturing business is a good choice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Though the startup cost of a manufacturing unit is a little high, however, the profit returns are big enough to ensure a fast payback of the investment.
  • Apparently, the manufacturing sector gives employment to around 12% of the Indian workforce. As per a study done in 2014, the sector contributes about 16% to 17% of its GDP. The target is to raise the manufacturing sector contribution to 25% in the Indian economy.
  • Many government initiatives are being practised across India to promote manufacturing business ideas in various sectors such as food, fashion, basic amenities, leisure, and more. Due to that, the scope of the manufacturing business in India is widening day by day.

5. Coaching Center in Bangalore

  • Coaching is a flourishing business in Bangalore. Almost all guardians look for coaching centers to provide quality education to their children. Individuals having past teaching experience will have added advantages in running this business.
  • The Indian education system has a symbiotic relationship with coaching centres. Every academic phase in a student’s life is accompanied by assistance from coaching centres.
  • With over 70 million students enrolled in various coaching institutes across the country, it is no surprise that the coaching business is ever-growing and immensely profitable. The need for coaching centres arises out of the need to fill the void that general schooling cannot fill.

6. Open a Gym/ Yoga Studio in Bangalore

  • Another very popular business in Bangalore is starting a gym or a yoga studio. There is a growing need of keeping fit in most people at present. If you have the experience, running a Gym can be highly profitable here.
  • The fitness industry is a highly rewarding business for those who can pursue it.
  • Gyms have always been popular in the country. Although it is possible to work out at home, gyms offer numerous benefits that come with it. Gyms can offer equipment that is either too expensive to buy or occupy too much space for most people. They can also offer a wide range of exercises. More than all of that, gyms and the people who work out are sources of motivation for those who are starting or those who feel tired to continue. 

7. Electronic Products Retail Store

  • Opening an electronics product retail store requires higher investment. However, the demand and profit margin for items like TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, electronic gadgets are also high. If you have the financial backup, starting this business will bring you big profits for sure.
  • The electronics business is becoming one of the most demanded business ideas in today's digital world. As the electronic store is increased years by year everything becomes digital. Also, various brands create a need for start an electronic store business to access all the brands from one roof.
  • So starting an electronic store in this digital world will create rapid growth in the market. Also, many electronic stores in the market’s why there will be a lot of competition you have to stand out from it.

8. Create a Niche eCommerce Shop

  • Another upcoming lucrative online business for newbies is launching a niche e-commerce shop. There are various ways one can start an online shop. It can be your own products or selling products from other manufacturers.
  • The first step is to research business ideas, learn the business models and decide what niche to attach. You DON’T need a specific product to start an ecommerce business. But you do need to validate your business plan and monetization strategy. You can always dial in specific products later down the road.
  • You can make money selling products with drop shipping, affiliate marketing, or private label. With a million products to sell on Amazon, there are too many small ecommerce business ideas out there. We conducted our own analysis, analyzed many niches to narrow down to the hundreds of ideas on this site.

9. Launch a Software Company in Bangalore

  • The city of Bangalore is often called the Silicon Vally of India. Though Bangalore is flooded with new software startups, it is also true the best place to start a software company in India is Bangalore. If you have the knowledge of creating software and have a team of expert personnel, opening a software company is an obvious choice.
  • In India, there's a crisp growth of Software Companies in this decade, it is almost like there is a software business revolution.
  • The fact is India is the third-largest Software Startup Ecosystem around the world. Starting a software company in this country can prove profitable as every business is associated with technology and its services.

10. Grocery Store with Delivery Service

  • A busy city means busy people and something that saves their time has great business potential. Start a small grocery store with a delivery option, or even you can have special pricing from the local grocery store if you don’t have enough budget to set up one.
  • Before we proceed to discuss the next ideas, you might as well want to earn passively through survey apps like PrizeRebel, SurveyJunkie, and the like.
  • Inviting your friends to join you in doing this fun will also give you some bucks for your business.

11. Healthy Fast Food

  • Busy life in Bangalore compels people to eat fast food, but they also want to stay healthy. Think of a healthy fast food shop in a busy location or else available on the doorstep.
  • As is advised by health experts, avoid street food as much as possible. Having said that, not all junk foods are bad. There are some that are healthy, provided they are cooked under hygienic conditions, by cooking them at home.
  • Have a look at these listed fast foods that are super delicious and healthy and you can eat them without any guilt:
    1. Pav bhaji
    2. Fruit smoothies
    3. Whole wheat veg pizza
    4. Club sandwich
    5. Baked samosa
    6. Potato chips and fries
    7. Whole wheat veg burger
    8. Bhelpuri
    9. Grilled or roasted chicken
    10. Dahi Bhalla

12. Hostel for Students/Working Individuals

  • Bangalore hosts a large population from other parts of India. Thus, providing a hostel for students or working individuals sounds a nice business idea.
  • This is one of the most profitable business in India, every year more than 20% of the total population of India join the college after intermediate. So, this calls for a new opportunity every year. But to persuade the students to accomodate in your PG is the challenge.
  • Setting up your own hostel takes a lot of planning and thought. First, find the ideal location and check all local zoning laws. Then, find the perfect building and equip it with beds and other accommodations for guests. To attract business, network and advertise your hostel to make it a new tourist destination.

13. Dry Cleaning Service in Bangalore

  • Like cooking and cleaning, laundry is yet another tedious and time consuming task for working class and you will see large population always finding ways to avoid it as much as they can. Here a dry cleaning business creates opportunity.
  • Most of these businesses require the customer to drop off their laundry, although some companies will pick up laundry from the customers’ homes.
  • A full-service laundry and dry cleaning service charges a fee per item for dry cleaning and a fee per pound for standard laundering. This type of business takes some of the responsibility off of the customers who may have busy schedules.

14. Online Shop

  • Online shops are great business ideas for Bangalore. Technology is enhancing the lives of just everyone and in Bangalore, people are making the most out of it by shopping online. You can setup an online shop, however what you sell will require you to do some research, i.e. grocery, clothing, accessories, digital goods, luxury items etc. You can always consider dropshipping business model to save setup costs.
  • There had never been a better time to start an online business than today.
  • Anyone with a computer can get started within a matter of minutes and without acquiring any special skills.

    The three things you need to start an online store are:

    1. A domain name idea (this will be the business name of your online store i.e startup.ind.in)
    2. A web hosting account (this is where your website lives on the internet)
    3. Your undivided attention for 30 minutes.

    Yep, it is really that simple.

15. Storage Services for Bangalore People

  • Since many small businesses in Bangalore operate from very small workspaces they do not have much space to store their records and other stuff that is not needed on daily basis. Offering them a storage space on a budget price is a win-win for both parties. You can start such a business from home even if you own a big house with many unused rooms.
  • This is a not so challenging area if you have money power. For purchasing land and getting a warehouse constructed, everything can be handled by an expert team of professionals who can provide you with market survey reports, feasibility reports, and can arrange for all the concerned agencies who can build your warehouse. They charge certain amount of professional fees but it’s worth it as this will reduce your lot of efforts in arranging all the agencies.
  • Once the land is purchased and warehouse constructed the same team can arrange for leasing out the space with good returns and you can start earning on monthly basis.

16. Training Based Startups

  • With the evolving world, even training needs are evolving continuously. Significantly after getting a degree, individuals are not ready to find a decent line of work.
  • So you can begin a training based company that makes individuals work prepared. You can offer to improve their delicate aptitudes, clear their ideas in important fields with the goal that they become employable. Nowadays most people want to start their own business in Bangalore. This business is one of the best ideas out there in Bangalore.
  • These companies are much sought after and understudy is prepared to pay a large number of rupees for this work.

17. Accessories and Apparel

  • Websites benefit from the sharing economy by offering second-hand clothing and accessories sales services by seizing a small portion of the purchase price. Some websites offer clothing rental services. In this way, such initiatives are highly profitable since the same piece of inventory will generate revenue more than once.
  • Think you have a fashion eye or a sense of style that no one else has? Then you are ready to be the next “big event”!
  • Don’t panic, even if you feel ready to start a fashion startup worth millions of dollars, you can earn money from your local fashion sharing. For example, how about putting together your favourite accessories or outfit choices and hosting a dress rental party for high school students before the end of the year prom. If you live in a city with a university, contacting student clubs is another great opportunity to take advantage of the sharing economy fashion. And since you take shipping costs out of the equation, you’ll also have the potential for a much higher profit margin than your much larger venture company!

18. Academic Courses

  • Whenever we think about education, our minds immediately drift to traditional university courses. While academic courses are not the only subject suitable for online courses, this is a highly viable option.
  • As long as schools strive to prepare students for both standardized tests and life outside the classroom, teachers and specific subject matter experts will have ample opportunities to earn income with online courses.
  • At the grade level, try to supplement your course to prepare for math, science or history, or even standardized tests. You can even offer an intensive course for parents to help their kids with math homework! If you are creative, your possibilities are truly endless.

19. Foreign language education

  • As communication opportunities increased and borders blurred, almost everyone around the world became interested in languages. Whether you are an expert in English, Turkish or Urdu, you will surely find someone who wants to study language from you. And these people will certainly be willing to pay you.
  • If you can speak one of the most popular languages, especially for 2019 and beyond, such as Arabic, Spanish and Mandarin, you are holding a business opportunity that will grow day by day.
  • If you are proficient in an uncommon language or are particularly interested in teaching a more widely known language, creating an online language-based training platform would be a profitable undertaking.

20. Personal Health Services in Bangalore

  • Are you a therapist or counsellor, or a yoga instructor or a life coach? Are you someone who has been meditating for a long time? If you have a deep passion for personal health, you can help others find their “zen”.
  • On the other hand, you earn a considerable income. All you have to do is share what you know.
  • Every person desires to improve themselves, which is the main purpose of online courses.

21. Animal care services in Bangalore

  • This type of small capital business with big profits is no less lucrative. You can put your knowledge of animals to good use by opening an animal farm. Usually, pet care will be crowded during school holidays and during long holidays on major holidays.
  • Earlier the animal care was limited to veterinary hospitals, now it has become a fashion to only domesticate animals but to tame them as pets, some even include animals as part of their family.
  • There lies a huge difference in domesticating an animal for household usage and keeping a pet, which is why on World Animal day we will look into the business opportunities and how to start one, especially for the pet lovers.


Starting a Profitable Small Business in Bangalore in 2022 requires a lot of passion, dedication and great idea to start with. And, this great small business ideas are perfect for anyone who wants to start their own startup or build a business.

If you think we are missing something, Do comment it below!

Good Luck For Your Startup