Best Small scale Business Startup Ideas for Womens with Low Investment

Best Small scale Business Startup Ideas for Womens with Low InvestmentWomens today are setting up a remarkable progress in Entrepreneurial journey.

Many Business womens have achieved a lot of success in there careers. But, how do they all started?

It was an 'Idea' that completely changed their life.

They believed in there goal. Have done well planning and never gave up by fearing of any problems they had.

Basically, what I mean is that it's not a "get rich quick" scheme or something. It takes time, patience and hardwork.

If you are ready to give your best like them. Then let's see some of the best successful small scale business startup ideas for womens with low investment.

Ideas List:

1. Yoga and meditation centres:
2. Zumba instructors:
3. Extracurricular activities for kids:
4. Cafes:
5. Restaurants:
6. Home-based catering business:
7. Bakery Business:

Best Startup Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs:


A healthy life is what everyone is looking for nowadays. And this industry is growing at a rapid rate.

Even you may often search about some sort of health and fitness related stuff on Google.

People are learning and performing variety of activities like yoga, dance and gym daily.

Womens have opportunity to become trainers and can manage fitness related centres.

Some of the best business ideas in the health and fitness realted industry are:

1. Yoga and meditation centres:

A decade ago almost no one was looking for a yoga class. Most people heard this name and thought it's like getting a boring meditation class from an old uncle.

But today you can see, how much people are paying for a yoga class and how big this market is?

That's was a best example of how health related businesses can grow.

2. Zumba instructors:

Yoga classes may be a bit competitive in your city. But Zumba is unique and fun way to be healthy by dancing on music.

As mentioned above, this could also be very popular in upcoming days like yoga.

You can start it small scale at nearby garden or even at home then scale it. Zumba is very famous in other parts of the world.

You need to be a zumba professional to become a mentor.

3. Extracurricular activities for kids:

In today's time, parents are not getting enough time with their kids. 

But they still want their child to do some extracurricular activities.

I am not taking about a regular tution classes, well that was also a good idea though.

Here I want to refer activities like spiritual classes, leadership, art, athletics and thousand more which are beyond school.

Food and Beverages Industry:

Work in food and beverage industry can be packaging to preparing, transporting, and serving foods. 

It's a great opportunity for womens who loves cooking food. 

Some hot topics are:

4. Cafes:

Cafes are very popular among college students nowadays.

They are a great gathering places for people. Opening a cafe could be very profitable if you know how to do it right.

Pass by any coffee shop and you will notice many people enjoying there coffee, lattes, tea, and variety of pastries.

Some clever cafe shop owners give access to free Wi-Fi and some other work friendly features. 

Which in results bring many people to their shop for gathering and of course 'having a coffee'.

5. Restaurants:

If you can get some funding and can manage a team then a restaurant business is great idea.

It has a lot of potential, and I know that you also knew this. They are common everywhere.

But the trend is changing. Theme based restaurants are getting high attraction and customers than common ones.

Even I love them! Like restaurant based on cultural theme, robots serving and even village farm look and more.

Personal tip: Try looking for a good location. Because it's the key for success in this business.

6. Home-based catering business:

Womens who like cooking and always wanted to be a shef. For them this can be a great opportunity.

This could be very beneficial if you know some little business. Because being profitable as a catering may be challenging at first.

Once, you get an idea of how things are working. You can boost this business.

One can take orders for birthday parties, anniversaries, and kitty parties and more.

7. Bakery Business:

The demand for bakery products like cakes is on a rise. 

Bakery business is a small scale business that can easily be started from home. 

If you love to do experimenting with some delicious batters. A little expertise and a little investment in few equipment is all you need to get your business on running.

You can start by making cakes, bread and cupcakes initially.

Then promote yourself on few social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

You may ask friends and families for recommendations.
More yet to come..