45 Small scale Business Ideas for Women | Best Startup Ideas for Ladies

Small scale Startup Ideas for Women
Today, many women entrepreneurs are setting up a remarkable progress in the startup ecosystem. A lot of business women have achieved success in there careers. But, how do they all started?

It was an 'Idea' that completely changed their life.

They believed in there goal. Have done well planning and never gave up by fearing of any problems they had. Basically, what I mean is that it's not a "get rich quick" scheme or something. It takes time, patience and hard work.

If you are ready to give your best, like them. Then let's see some of the best startup ideas to get you started.

Small scale Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

1. Yoga and meditation centres:

A decade ago almost no one was looking for a yoga class. Most people heard this name and thought it's like getting a boring meditation class from an old uncle. But today you can see, how much people are paying for a yoga class and how big this market is? That's was a best example of how health related businesses can grow.

2. Zumba instructors:

Yoga classes may be a bit competitive in your city. But Zumba is unique and fun way to be healthy by dancing on music. As mentioned above, this could also be very popular in upcoming days like yoga.

You can start it small scale at nearby garden or even at home then scale it. Zumba is very famous in other parts of the world. You need to be a zumba professional to become a mentor. It's one of the best business ideas for women to start.

3. Extracurricular activities for kids:

In today's time, parents are not getting enough time with their kids.  But they still want their child to do some extracurricular activities. I am not taking about a regular tution classes, well that was also a good idea though.

Here I want to refer activities like spiritual classes, leadership, art, athletics and thousand more which are beyond school.

4. Cafes:

Cafes are very popular among college students nowadays. They are a great gathering places for people. Opening a cafe could be very profitable if you know how to do it right.

Pass by any coffee shop and you will notice many people enjoying there coffee, lattes, tea, and variety of pastries. Some clever cafe shop owners give access to free Wi-Fi and some other work friendly features. Which in results bring many people to their shop for gathering and of course 'having a coffee'.

5. Restaurants:

If you can get some funding and can manage a team then a restaurant business is great idea. It has a lot of potential, and I know that you also knew this. They are common everywhere. But the trend is changing. Theme based restaurants are getting high attraction and customers than common ones. Even I love them! Like restaurant based on cultural theme, robots serving and even village farm look and more.

Personal tip: Try looking for a good location. Because it's the key for success in this business.

6. Home-based catering business:

Women who like cooking and always wanted to be a shef. For them this can be a great opportunity. This could be very beneficial if you know some little business. Because being profitable as a catering may be challenging at first. Once, you get an idea of how things are working.

You can boost this business. One can take orders for birthday parties, anniversaries, and kitty parties and more. It's one of the best business ideas for women to start.

7. Bakery Business:

The demand for bakery products like cakes is on a rise. Bakery business is a small scale business that can easily be started from home. If you love to do experimenting with some delicious batters. A little expertise and a little investment in few equipment is all you need to get your business on running.

You can start by making cakes, bread and cupcakes initially. Then promote yourself on few social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. You may ask friends and families for recommendations.

8. Spa and Salon:

Women can have their salons and spa centers. Hair and makeup is something women are experts at. One of the great business opportunities for young women entrepreneurs.

9. Nail art studios:

Nail art has become a hype among ladies but not everyone is an expert at it. If you are, why not make it a business?

10. Bridal make up studios:

Bridal make up has evolved in recent years. Women can keep in touch with recent trends and be the best in the field. It's one of the best business ideas for women to start.

11. Technical Writing:

Most IT companies these days are looking for writers to write various types of content. If you’re good with your language and can write good content, you can freelance as a writer. Technical Writing is one of the most paid skill now-a-days. 

12. Creative Writing:

Advertising agencies and several other institutions look for creative writers who can come up with creative ideas for advertisers, jingles and much more. You can get in touch with these agencies with your ideas and work with them as a freelancer.

13. Graphics Designing:

Designing is another creative field women can ace. Since we have so many websites floating on Internet every minute how they look is very important. Graphic designing changes the look of any website and makes it more attractive.

14. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most suitable business ideas for women at home. The good part is that you can work for flexible hours as per your wish. You just need is to build a website and write articles about anything you like.

Once you become able to bring enough visitors every month, you’ll start earning. People actually get paid to do this and it’s a great idea. You can start a blog depending on the interest you have like food blogging, travel blogging, beauty blogging, photography blogging and child care blogging etc. Bloggers make USD 1,000 and USD 10,000 a month.

One of the smartest things you can do, to get more loyal followers is to integrate your blog into an app. Creating an app for your blog gives you countless opportunities, but not many bloggers do it. A prominent reason for this is lack of technical knowledge. However, with Appy Pie, you can integrate all your blogs into an app in minutes, without any coding or burning a hole in your pocket!

15. Bookkeeping and Accountancy Work:

It has always been observed how good women are with finances. From housewives to CFAs finance and accounts is something women are killing it. Accountancy firms can be an amazing small business idea for women in today’s times.

16. Proofreader:

A proofreader ensures that written content is free of any typographical, grammatical, spelling, punctuation, syntax, formatting errors. The proofreader uses his judgement, skill, knowledge and experience in checking that the work of author, editor and designer/typesetter is satisfactory, marking amendments. People want to be sure and confident that their important text is error-free, and find it worth choosing a professional proofreader. A proofreader can make between USD 25 to USD 44 per hour.

17. Web Development:

Companies developing websites for various other businesses or events can be a huge hit.

18. Selling products on E-commerce platforms:

Thanks to e-commerce, selling and buying products can be done right within the comforts of your home. Gone are the days when you needed to step out of your home to get your errands done. With technology, everything is just at your fingertips.

Selling products online on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart is another lucrative small business ideas for women. Online e-commerce sites like Etsy enable women to make earnings by displaying their creativity. You can easily get vendors for handcrafted products like soaps, candles and homemade artifacts. Just display your creativity and get paid easily for your labor. Simple as that!

19. Set Up An Online Tutorial:

The business of teaching has seen a revolutionary change in the last few years due to the internet. If you are a teacher, you can create a website and offer online tutorial services to students.

20. Social media influencer

A Social Media Influencer is a user on any social media who has established credibility in a specific industry. A social media influencer has access to a large number of audiences and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach.

They achieve this by maintaining an active online presence on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and various blogs. Social influencer earn on an average USD 1,000 per 100,000 followers.

You can take your social influence to a whole new level by creating your own social media app or even convert your Facebook page into an app. This means that when your followers download your mobile app, you would have a direct channel to connect with them.

21. Sell on Amazon

Amazon is a platform where anyone can open an online shop. Even though it feels like a complicated thing to do, it is straightforward and simple. You can find good deals on products at offline or physical stores and resell them on Amazon for a higher price. Revenues from online sales have continued to grow significantly. Amazon sellers make approximately USD 10 million a year.

If you are having trouble getting started with your venture on Amazon, we have just the right solution for you. Appy Pie Academy has a fantastic course where you can enroll for free and learn how to start an ecommerce business.

22. Stock trading:

Someone who buys and sells stock shares is the one who is a stock trader. Trading for a living means you should consistently be profitable and draw an income from your profits at the same time. The stock market is built around the concept of connecting buyers and sellers who wish to trade shares of companies. Stock traders report annual incomes ranging from USD 42,000 to USD 132,000.

23. App Development:

Mobile applications are very useful for all our daily needs. All companies are developing mobile applications to make themselves accessible to the public. Establishing an app development firm is a great business idea in today’s times.

24. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an advertising performance-based marketing in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services. The third-party affiliate simply searches for a product, then promotes that product and earns a piece of the profit from each sale the company makes. These days affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways by which people make money online and it can be a passive income once established. Affiliate Marketing can fetch you more than USD 50,000 a year.

One of the most lucrative affiliate programs is run by Appy Pie. The program assures that you can earn as much as you work as it gives all the affiliate marketers rewards per sale. You can sign up for Appy Pie’s affiliate program and start making money right now!

25. Natural Sanitary Napkins:

Women can start initiatives where natural cotton sanitary napkins are made. These initiatives will need a lot of machinery and labour and hence good management skills are necessary. It's one of the best business ideas for women to start.

26. Menstrual cups: 

A lot of women in India haven’t tried menstrual hygiene products other than sanitary napkins. Menstrual cups can still make really good business in the market. Awareness has to be created as to how health-friendly these silicon cups can be. It's one of the best business ideas for women to start.

27. Different period products: 

There are a lot of other products like cramp roll-ons, hot water bags, essential oils that can be made menstrual cycles healthy for women. These accessories can also make good business among women.

28. Handmade Jewellery:

Handmade jewelry is made by an artist without the use of mass-manufacturing machines. "Jewelry is a very saturated market but I think the best way to stand out is to be authentic, trust your design instincts, and listen to your customers," says Gillian Johnson. It's one of the best business ideas for women to start.

29. Gifts and cards:

Who on the earth has not visited a “ Gift Shop” or a “Fancy Store”? We all have! Whether it’s for weddings or birthdays, housewarming or anniversary parties, we Indians are bound to carry gifts with us. It has become such a norm in India to gift people on a special occasion in spite of which “Gifting business” is still an underrated small scale business to earn money. 

30. Bead work:

A beading business specializes in the design, creation and distribution of beaded items such as beaded jewelry, crafts and fabrics/clothing, or in selling beads and beading materials. Beading is popular amongst professional crafters and home hobbyists alike. 

Beading does not require a lot of space or significant technical training, making it a very accessible home business option. If you are interested in selling beads or selling your hand-crafted beaded items,

31. Open your Clothing Boutique: 

The clothing industry is booming is several trends coming up. Women can ace the fashion game and fashion stores are the best business options for ladies with that sense of trends.

32. Opening your fashion label: 

It is another business idea for women who want to design their merchandise and have it out there in the market. Fashion labels need more funding and vast knowledge in the fashion industry but are great businesses once settled up.

33. Bags and accessories outlet: 

Bags and other accessories like jewellery, belts, shoes, etc. also make good sales along with clothing lines. These accessory shops are a huge hit among women and can be good business. It's one of the best business ideas for women to start.

34. Stitching and embroidery work: 

Women with a little or no education can get into stitching and embroidery business. This is a skill that most women in the rural area have and can make good money with it. Embroidery handwork is valued in the market and one can make good money selling it online.

35. Urban Landscape Artist:

Sounds interesting, right? An urban landscape artist is a professional who turns your home green by installing beautiful planters all around. It’s more like gardening – with a professional twist. It is immensely disturbing that urbanization has shrunk the greenery around to almost negligible.

You only need to have exceptional knowledge of organic gardening, natural pesticides and organic products. There is a great demand for professional gardeners in cities like Mumbai and Bangalore, making it a profitable business idea for women in India.

36. Organic Farm Green House:

An organic farm greenhouse project business has a high potential to grow and succeed because steadily the demand for organically grown farm products has grown.

With the increase in awareness of the multiple health risks of foods grown with chemicals more and more people are turning away from food products that are grown with fertilizers and other chemicals towards organically grown food. This is one of the most profitable small scale business ideas for women entrepreneurs.

37. Paper Bag Making:

A paper bag or paper sack is a preformed container made of paper, usually with an opening at one end. It can be one layer of paper or multiple layers of paper and other flexible materials. Paper bags are essential products for packaging and/or carrying items.

It’s just the same as packaging design, paper bags are intended to show all the glory of the product inside them. So, your design needs to be stand out. This is one of the most innovative manufacturing business ideas one can initiate with moderate capital investment.

38. Jute Bag Making:

Jute is a biodegradable eco-friendly item. Designer Jute bad has very good market demand and export potential also. By having simple machinery, you can initiate a jute bag making unit at your home location also. For the eco-friendly character, the demand for jute yarn, jute fabrics, and other jute items is increasing very fast.

39. Bridal Store:

A bridal store is nowadays one of the most trending retail opportunities in the clothing industry. People spend a lot of money on their wedding ceremonies.

Selecting the niche and having the right collection of a wide price range is the key focus area in this business. This is one of the most profitable small-scale business ideas for women entrepreneurs. It's one of the best business ideas for women to start.

40. Costume Jewellery Business:

Costume jewelry has been part of our culture for almost 300 years. However, costume jewelry with semi-precious material came into the market in the 19th century. Jewels made of semi-precious material were more affordable. This affordability gave common people the chance to own costume jewelry.

The costume jewelry business was also made popular by various designers in the mid-20th century. Some of the most remembered names in costume jewelry are Crown Trifari, Dior, Chanel, Miriam Haskell, Monet, Napier, Corocraft, Coventry, and Kim Craftsmen. It includes both high and low-priced brands. This is one of the most profitable small-scale business ideas for women entrepreneurs.

41. Kid Garments Making:

Kid garments manufacturing is definitely promising and profitable in the Indian clothing and garment industry. For an emerging economy like India, the large consumer base is the major attraction despite their lower household disposable income.

42. Online Perfume Store:

You have a tuned sense of smell and you want to start a fragrance business with small capital? Then starting your own online perfume store business is just a perfect opportunity for you. Yes, to start your own online perfume store business you will definitely need to have an eCommerce site.

43. Uniform Production:

A uniform is an essential item for educational institutions and other organizations also. However, you must have a wide network in the industry. Any individual can initiate this business with moderate capital investment from his or her home location also.

44. Home-based hobby classes

One of the best parts of starting a home business is the ability to turn something you love into your career. You will be able to spend your days doing something you really enjoy while making a living.

It could be any hobby like teaching how to cook or how to decorate pots or even painting or jewelry making. You will need to invest as per your plan. Do all cost analysis and learn how much money you need to get started. Set your goals and plan how to market your business.

The best way to reach out to the maximum audience is by going online. You can create a video streaming app using Appy Pie and start holding classes for students from all over the world.

45. Teach or Tutor

Teaching is another home-based business idea for moms. If you teach a group of students at your home, you’ll charge less and will then need to get a good number of students to make a decent income. However, if you choose home tuitions, you’ll charge high and you can earn sufficient money from a couple of students.

You can also think about using an online course platform to create a course or focus on online tutoring. Online tutoring is an extremely trending business idea and many teachers opt it over traditional teaching. Online tutoring is easy to start as you can join popular online tutoring sites. The average annual salary of tutor is USD 46,000.

Whether you are a seasoned tutor, or are just starting out, you can expand your reach and teach students from all over the world by creating an app. An education app created on the Appy Pie platform, can not only help you make reading material available, but also schedule tests, award assignments, mark papers, and even deliver live lectures. It's one of the best business ideas for women to start.


This are the best Small scale Business Ideas for Women which have a great potential in each of them if you want to become a successful women entrepreneur.