Top 15 Most Profitable Startup Ideas In Kerala With Low Investment | New Small Business Ideas In Kerala

Kerala is one of the beautiful states that welcomes a huge number of investors. Kerala has very minimal operating costs for startups and small businesses when compared to few other states. A person who owns a small business in Kerala enjoys a lot of advantages here like Financial independence, living a desired lifestyle, and many more.

Whether you are a local or an outsider who wants to start a business in Kerala. This list of best startup ideas in Kerala will help you to find one for you.

Top 15 Most Profitable Startup Ideas In Kerala With Low Investment | New Small Business Ideas In Kerala

List of Top 15 Most Profitable Startup Ideas in Kerala:

1. Growing And Exporting Crops

  • Kerala is the leading exporter of coconut, tea, spices, cashew, marine products, etc. 
  • Kerala contributes almost 75% of coconut production in India. So why not make this into a successful business startup? 
  • Because land rentals are relatively cheap and you can rent a plot of land to cultivate various crops and spices. In this way you will be able to export your crops to other parts of the world. 

2. Business of banana chips

  • One of the most cultivated cash crops in Kerala are bananas. 
  • Banana is a very versatile fruit and the concept of producing banana chips from bananas is very profitable. 
  • If you are a foodie then you know the importance of kinds of chips, and maybe you like them too. They are in a lot of demand outside of Kerala too. 

3. Coconut Oil Based Food Processing Unit

  • Coconut oil based food production is a profitable small business with low investment. Making coconut based goods at home and later selling them in the market is one of the most profitable small businesses to start in Kerala. 
  • Delicious snacks such as Rava Ladoos, Banana Halwa, Sweet, Jaggery Stuffed Pancake, varieties of chips, pudding, roasted cashews, Kerala spicy mixtures, and other snacks can be made easily at home and sold both online and offline markets. 
  • People in India and all over the world love coconut for its delicious taste and uncountable health benefits, which is why this kind of business might prove a huge success for you.

4. Pickle making business

  • A traditional Indian lunch would be incomplete without pickles on the dish.
  • Pickling is a low cost home based small business especially for housewives and womens who want to work and support their family.
  • This business is easy compared to any other business because it's an already successful small business many people are doing.

5. Rubber Business

  • On a huge scale 92% of all rubber plantations in India have been done in Kerala and are also exporting raw material internationally. This could be a great move if you do some research in this business.
  • This is one of the most profitable but also difficult small businesses we can say. But in Kerala there are a lot of opportunities you can learn and apply this idea into your small business or startup. 
  • You can take this to a whole new level, if you can set up a company to refine and make rubber that can be used from raw rubber.

6. Lemongrass Oil

  • Do you know some crazy facts? Almost all, that is 100% lemongrass oil is produced in Kerala itself.
  • This is some of the most profitable business due to exporting this lemongrass oil to the whole country and internationally can easily be done from Kerala itself.
  • Lemongrass oil is one of the most expensive oils sold online and offline both. It's rareness is what makes it expensive. This idea can make you Successful if you start a lemongrass oil business or startup in Kerala.

7. Biotechnology and Medicine

  • Biodiversity in cities like Kochi of Kerala make it one of the most prospective geographical locations for biotechnology through which there can be a way to open a huge scope for medical and pharmaceutical companies.
  • With this huge opportunity, the presence of already established institutes like Indian Institute for Spices Research, Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Biotechnology, Kerala Agricultural University, etc. are ensuring trained human resources as required.
  • Kerala is the first state in India, which separates the traditional systems of medicine by sectioning into Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Yoga and Naturopathy, etc.

8. Exports

  • There is a huge scope in Exporting crops, Spices and Bamboo Crafts globally as they can be cultivated easily here and at a very low cost.
  • Almost 70% of coconut is cultivated in Kerala which is in high demand all over the world for years. Banana wafers is also a trending small business for upcoming years that you can export globally. 
  • Paper is produced from Bamboo trees in a huge amount, so another golden opportunity for the people who want to grow with it and establish a successful small business or startup.

9. Packaged Food

  • Most of you might know that Kochi is famous for its fisheries. In Kochi, packaged food is most popular over the years and is here to stay forever.
  • Packaged fish and dry fish are now shipping to many other states in India through freezing methods.
  • Also seafood is another great small business in which we can export them overseas and is a good opportunity for starting your startup on this idea.

10. Ayurveda Tourism: 

  • You must have heard of Ayurveda which is an ancient Indian medicine or we can call it a healing system that has nowadays become a great selling factor for Kerala's tourism business.
  • The moral benefits of our Indian Ayurveda is being recognised by people all around the globe. Kerala is a gift of nature and has a natural inadequate supply of traditional medicinal plants, so you won't need to invest a lot to get started, except for a small property though which isn't too expensive.
  • For many reasons like this, Kerala is an ideal choice to start your Ayurvedic business. It helps reduce impurities in the body and minimises the potential risk of sickness when it's done correctly. To increase your profit margin, you can target places that attract the most tourists for your Ayurvedic startup business.